Fair Trust

Meta Mate is not certified as organic neither Fair Trade. As our production is so small, we don’t fit the requirements of either.  In order to be certified Fair Trust one has to have a cooperative which we don’t.  Organic certifications require stating what one uses for fertilizers, what one does with waste, how one manages water, we don’t fit any of these requirements as our mate grows in the forest.  It seems due to the loophole in the certifications, Meta Mate goes beyond this.

Like our mate, we have other products that face a similar predicament so we came up with Fair Trust certification.

Fair Trust means that the consumer is gaurenteed complete transparency as to where the products originate from, how they are processed and the finances involved.

We are producing, importing and distributing our mate by ourselves.  There is no middle man involved, the process is in our hands from start to finish and we are happy to provide all information to those who want to know.

If one has the patience and time to go through our website we try to put all information out there from the locations of the different mate harvests to all of the sales history of Mier. 

As we are still starting up, if there is other vital information regarding Fair Trust products that you would like to know please contact us


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