Mier 11.0 Bayern

Vote on Raab Mier’s taste:  Wie schmeckt Raab Mier Dir? 

Mier goes Solar….South German Mier fans will be relieved to know that Mier is now being brewed closer to home.  Launched in December 2012, Raab Mier 11.0 is a must for those curious on the Bavarian twist of Mier

The label strays away from Mier’s usual green colorcode and playfully alludes to  the word ‘Raab’ (Raven) and reflects the brewery’s  philosophy.  Raab Brewery is well-known for their environmental concerns, and their brewery is run on solar energy.  So let the sun shine through the winter and brew our Raab Mier!

The Mate flavour comes strong in this golden-brown colored Mier due to the absence of the fruity flavours of the Berliner.  It is a pleasant drink and the aroma is reminiscent of the Mier 3.0

Currently this Mier is available exclusively in Bayern through the drink distributor Raab, but we should have a supply at Meta Mate in Berlin in January 2013







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  1. Georg sagt:

    Also kann ich eigentlich Mier in Würzburg kaufen?

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