Czech Mate..

Etiketa-Mates_nahledAfter returning to the origins of Mate, with the brewings of Mier 5.0 and Mier 8.0, Mier is now catching the attention of the creators of Beer.   The Czech are renowned for their art of brewing Bier, and we are looking forward to welcome the Bison Brewery into our growing family of Mier brewers.  PIVO YERBA MATE is brewed after the original Mier 9.0 recipe and haMate_plakat_04s a very round taste due to the unpasteurization and Czech water.   promises to endow drinkers with lots of good energy and a good mood.  The Bison Brewery hopes to keep their prices as low as possible to not dicourage local drinkers from trying their new drink and their adverstisement is a forecast for the Mier and Football Mania that will ensure next year.



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SomMIER ist Hier!

RaabMierThe sun is shining, summer is finally hier and we want to celebrate it with a SomMIER Angebote!  Stop by Meta Mate to pick up your box of Mier at a special price:

23,60 € for a box of 20 x 0,33L Mier inkl. Pfand

Mier, due to its Mate content is ideal for fostering communication and good moods in summer parties!

Pick up a box of Mier and enjoy an afternoon with friends at your favourite park in Berlin!  Gnießen sich der Kraft der Sonne!

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M13R @ #rp13

Screen shot 2013-05-14 at 13.21.51Screen shot 2013-05-14 at 13.18.28


Mier 7.0 was available at re:publica’s bars in Berlin during the event, and judging from some of the comments that we have received, at least a few people discovered this Mate Brew for the first time.

For those of you who missed Mier at #rp13, you can have the whole selection delivered to your doorstep. has great shipping options for 6 bottles.

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anuncioThe first printed edition of STIR magazine has been released in the UK, with a small promo spot for our CC Beer!

UK Mate Fans can order Mier online to try the difference between the three and help determine which Mier would be fitting to British taste!



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CC License Beer and Brause PodCast

Screen shot 2013-04-03 at 12.44.25On the 5th of March, we had an opportunity to record a podcast together with Uwe Lubberman from Premium Cola, Jens Ohlig from Hacker Brause together with Martin Haase from 1337 Kultur.  This 95 minute recording can be downloaded as MP3 and answers a lot of questions as to why a drink should be brewed with a CC License.

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Love.Mier Welche schmeckt Ihr?

Mier will be presented Screen shot 2013-02-16 at 10.23.33along with 6 other Beers at the Love.Beer event in the Kulturpalast Wiesbaden on 16 Feb 2013 at 8pm.  Drinkers at the event will have the chance to try our three varieties of Mier (the malty Berliner, light Belgian and strong Baverian) and rate them in comparison to the other drinks there.  We are looking foward to seeing how Mier fares.

For those who have had a hard time differentiating between our different Miers, the new posters developed by Chris ‘Spitfire,’ designer and Mier enthusiast who is on a mission to get the Mier message out to Berlin!




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Mier at Transmediale 2013


Mier is there to quench your thirst at the Transmediale 2013 at the Haus der Kultur der Welt from Jan 29 – Feb 3, so grab a bottle at the Auster Restaurant and allow the Mate to enhance your reflections on  Back When Pluto Was A Planet.

All three Miers, the light Belgian, the Malty Berliner, and the Strong Baverian Mier will be available, demonstrating how through the creative commons license and liquid democratic approach, brewers added their own spin on how Mier should taste.

Mier aims to support small decentralized local productions, so if you love Mate and you love beer, take a bottle (or one of each) home to your local brewer and see if we can help you get a Mier production brewed closer to you.

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Raab Mier is Hier!

Vote on Raab Mier’s taste:  Wie schmeckt Raab Mier Dir? 

Mier goes Solar….South German Mier fans will be relieved to know that Mier is now being brewed closer to home.  Launched in December 2012, Raab Mier 11.0 is a must for those curious on the Bavarian twist of Mier

The label strays away from Mier’s usual green colorcode and playfully alludes to  the word ‘Raab’ (Raven) and reflects the brewery’s  philosophy.  Raab Brewery is well-known for their environmental concerns, and their brewery is run on solar energy.  So let the sun shine through the winter as we enjoy our Raab Mier!

This Mier is currently only available regionally, but Berliner Mier fans will be relieved to know that we expect to have it available at Meta Mate in January 2013

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Mier Available at

Attention to Mier fans who are not based in Berlin or have a hard time finding Mier in a shop near you, it is now possible to have Mier delivered at home through our partners Delicatino.

Both the Berliner Mier and Belgian Mier are featured products this month in 

Ordering Mier online is just a couple of clicks away. 

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Mier for Berlin’s Party Scene

Mier has passed the test by some Berliner night-owls and is slowly gaining popularity for it’s awakening, mood-lifting effects.

As we slowly start to spread our distribution look out for our new Mier posters in a bar or kiosk near you.

No Mier in your favourite night-spot?  Then please recommend Mier and put us in touch with them.

Help us spread Berlin’s new Mates across the city!

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