Mier 15.0 CC reversed


With Mier 15.0 we have taken the CC License to a new level.  Inspired by the Czech Mier label, we adapted this to our Berliner usage and ‘sold ourselves out’ to advertisement by making a special promotion for the EHSM coming up this summer in Hamburg, an event that, like Mier finds its roots in the Pirate Cave.

Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 11.10.58

The EHSM in December 2012 showed us that hackers are ready for drinking in a politically correct way with mass consumption of Mier and Premium Cola.

In early 2014 we anticipate some changes in the Mier recipe, while the current mixed Berliner Mier seems a bit watered down in comparison to the original P1r4t3 C4v3 M13r

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