Liquid Democracy



Liquid Democracy was a vital part of Mier’s creative history.  The QR Codes on the bottles connected drinkers with platforms such as Liquidizer & Evotum, allowing them to provide us with feedback on how their Mier tasted and what direction the next Mier brewing should take.  The unique QR codes on the first 100 bottles of Mier 2.0  provided personal freedom of choice while at the same time providing anonymity to drinkers (one of the challenges of liquid democracy), and the feedback that we received from drinkers via this process helped Thorsten fine-tune the Berliner Mier.

Liquid Democracy is not currently being used to determine Mier’s taste, we are now relying on the brewing skills of local brewers to add their touch and create their unique Mier.  This can be tasted in the 3 Miers shown below, where each of the brewers ‘followed’ the same recipe and came out with 3 completely different interpretations!!!

However, we encourage all new Miers to start with a smaller production and have an online or offline way of determining how their local Mier should taste with initial investors.







Vote on Belgian Mier 7.0   Vote on Berliner Mier 9.0    Vote on Raab Mier 11.0

ATTENTION: At the moment we are using Facebook as the liquid democratic tool.  So in case you have problems with the links above, please log on to your FB account and go to the Mier page to cast your vote.

We want to know WIE MIER SCHMECKT DIR!!!

Mier is democracy in the form of a bottle. By allowing consumers to evaluate the taste of the Mier they are drinking, and express their wishes (which are taken into account when brewing the next batch), we show them that their vote can make a difference when it comes to issues such as how their beer should taste, thus fostering a form of participative liquid democracy, and paying allegiance to it’s Pirate roots.

The first 4 brewings of Mier were decided by the online platform Liquidizer while the Brasilian Mier was initially connected to the online platform Evotum, however, in the end the Brasilian voting was done on pieces of paper.

Each voting affected the outcome of the next version of Mier, increasing the Variety.  Mier 7.0 is on the other end of the beer spectrum from Mier 1.0 and we are curious to hear about how all of you find the different Miers!


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