Meta Mate Bar / do Canto Gbr

Straßburger Str. 16
10405 Berlin
+49 30 6096 2042

USt-ID: DE275456360

2 Antworten auf Impressum/Imprint

  1. Kim Jacobsen sagt:

    Kim Jacobsen
    Åstedvej 65
    DK – 2730 Herlev


    I´m a passionet collector of beerlabels from all over the world, and I´m always trying to make my collection as big and complete as possible.

    Right now I have a little bit more than 67000 different beerlabels throughout the world.

    I hope that your brewery will contribute to make my collection even bigger, by sending me a set of your beerlabels.

    I can use beerlabels that your brewery are using right now and also beerlabels that the brewery have used in the past.

    I hope to hear from you, so that I can get your brewery represented in my collection in the best way.

    Best Regards

    Kim Jacobsen e-mail:

    • mieradmin sagt:

      Sorry for the late answer. We have 5 different labels on the shop we could offer you including an orginal for the first brewing including the liquid democratic exclusive qr codes. Please send us 5 euros for the service and we post it. Warm regards, Fabricio

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