MIER 7.0 Belgian Brew

VOTE ON BELGIAN MIER 7.0:  Wie Schmekt Belgian Mier Dir??

Mier 7.0 made it’s premiere at the International Beer Festival in Berlin on Aug 3rd, 2012 amidst great festivities.  Our Hamburg partners, beer experts, Haus der 131 Bier, had Mier produced in Belgium and are now officially able to call Mier a Beer in Germany.

The Belgian Mier is unlike any other Beer that has been brewed until this point.  It is a very light, sweet, blonde Mier and very easy to drink on a hot day.  The Mate and alcohol levels are substantially  lower than its predecessors

This lighter pasteurized Mier in longnecked bottles is sure to find its niche in the Mier kaleidescope.  Fans will be interested to know that due to the possiblities to produce bigger quantities this time around, the prices are lower than our Berliner Mier.


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