MIER 2.0

This should have been the label for Mier 2.0, a 200L brew which was launched at the end of February.  Although still very strong in comparison to subsequent Miers, this version still had a strong smokey character, and attracted many curious mate and beer connoisseurs.


Due to a slip up, we ended up printing the Pirate Cave labels again which ended up serving their purpose when Mier made it’s first official premiere at the Pirate LMV on 25 February 2012.

The first 100 bottles of Mier 2.0 were all assigned unique QR codes in order to make the liquid democratic voting process on Mier’s taste more secure.



Mier 2.0 with it’s hacking character and cult labels made a splash in the Berlin press and eventually international and added fuel to Thorsten’s brewing as we decided, reassured by the response to brew even more Mier next time round!

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