History of MIER

MIER is a project started by the MetaMate Bar, more precisely, as a suggestion by the

Mate lovers from the Pirate Party crew “Hedy Lamarr” to have a drink of their own for their beloved harbour, the p1r473c4v3.

We at MetaMate took this seriously and as we got a lot of good feedback, we partnered up with the Schoppe Brewery in Kreuzberg and theory turned into reality. In spirit of the crew, 10% of the sales should go back to cover costs in the Pirate Cave, just the problem is the MIER tastes so good that we can’t stop drinking it!

Product Quality

We understand the prosumer participation from the funding to taste choice.
The first MIER was dark, strong, and the taste was adapted according to the team feedback.

Now it’s your chance to exercise democracy in Liquid Form!

Archives of old Mier pages


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