Mate Bier ist Hier!

Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 17.31.27After a long dry spell, Mier has reappeared in Berlin in it’s latest incarnation.  Unverhopft’s Mate Bier  allows first time drinkers to have the surprise element, characteristic of Mier – it does not taste like any of the former versions.

However, this Mate Bier, appeals to a broader spectrum of drinkers as the Mate notes are subtle.

Brewed in a traditional brewery following the Deutschen Reinheitsgebot, Mate Bier, is a traditional Pilsner Beer with an aromatic Mate flavour reminiscent of the Roasted Meta Mate 42  

Currently, this Mate Bier is only available in 2 locations in Prenzlauer Berg, @MetaMateBerlin & Zum Starken August.  However, if you are wishing to purchase a bottle to try, you may order online.

The Men behind the Mier, from old to new...

The magical Mate Bier potion.

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