Mier Be(er) Mate

IMG_2702Following a 6 month Miercalypse we are thrilled to announce the comeback of Mier. Be(er) Mate will be presented in 3 incarnations on Sat. May 16th at GetrankeFeineKost in Berlin.

IMG_2704Fabricio from Meta Mate will be present to answer any questions about Mier and share his Mate, and our CZ partners, the Bizon Brewery will try their best to be there as well and we will definately have some of Screen Shot 2015-05-09 at 11.32.52their specialities that have already won some fans in Berlin.


We took the opportunity that Jeronimo, Mier patron from Brasil was in town to drivedown to the source of Beer, Pilsen, this labor day weekend and visit our partners, the Bizon Brewery who recently launched their reincarnation of Mier as www.bematedrink.com.  The delicately decorated bottles complement the complex nuances of their craft brew combined with the smokey notes of META MATE

We were delighted to finally meet the creative czech brewers who were inspired by Mier’s CC-NC-3.0SA license. It was a pleasure to drink some good mates and great Mi/Be(er)s with them. The Bizonas pride themselves in following brewing tradition and offering strictly unpasturized beer. Their beers might just be the best kept secret in Berlin as the up and coming brewery, still unknown in the craft brew scene has some satisfying brews.


IMG_2712IMG_2711Berliners –  stop by Meta Mate or GeFeKo to try and choose your favourite Mate  from the Lager, Ale and Wheat Miers.



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