Mier 16.0

Mier 16.0 is unlike any other Mier that has been brewn before.  Upon first glance it resembles the earlier Pirate Cave incarnations, BUT there is a difference – this time instead of using green Mate, we decided to use roasted Mate.

Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 18.18.34Thanks to Club Mate, the ‘Mate Geschmack’ that most Berliners expect when they drink a Mate is a roasted Mate, and Zen monk Seigaku was kind enough to roast our Mate in the same manner that he learned to roast tea in the Monastaries in Japan.

The photo on the right shows the difference between the last Berliner Mier 15.0  (in background) and the latest Mier 16.0.  We will keep the same butterfly EHSM labels for the moment, to in typical Mier fashion surprise drinkers!

Mier 16.0 combines the magic touch of a zen monk’s roasted mate w/ Schoppe’s  malty brew and is an ode to the Löscher Brewery who were the first to bring Mate to the masses in Berlin.

Our Brew master Thorsten has something to be really proud about with this Mier, not only does this chocolately Mier show the high quality of his darker beers, but it is an affirmation of his skills to create new brewers as it also has the magic touch from his apprentice, Daryl.

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