Czech Mate..

Etiketa-Mates_nahledAfter returning to the origins of Mate, with the brewings of Mier 5.0 and Mier 8.0, Mier is now catching the attention of the creators of Beer.   The Czech are renowned for their art of brewing Bier, and we are looking forward to welcome the Bison Brewery into our growing family of Mier brewers.  PIVO YERBA MATE is brewed after the original Mier 9.0 recipe and haMate_plakat_04s a very round taste due to the unpasteurization and Czech water.   promises to endow drinkers with lots of good energy and a good mood.  The Bison Brewery hopes to keep their prices as low as possible to not dicourage local drinkers from trying their new drink and their adverstisement is a forecast for the Mier and Football Mania that will ensure next year.



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