M13R @ #rp13

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Mier 7.0 was available at re:publica’s bars in Berlin during the event, and judging from some of the comments that we have received, at least a few people discovered this Mate Brew for the first time.

For those of you who missed Mier at #rp13, you can have the whole selection delivered to your doorstep.  Mate-tee.de has great shipping options for 6 bottles.



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2 Antworten auf M13R @ #rp13

  1. Maike sagt:

    I just tried to get Mier via mate-tee.de, but couldn’t find any mier there. I would like to order more than just some single bottles of beer, like it’s offered in your online-shop here.
    I can’t grab it personally out of your shop in Berlin, because that’s way to far for me.
    Can you tell me, if there will be Mier available on mate-tee.de again?
    Thank you very much!
    Sunny Greetings, Maike

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