Mier @ #dascamp

Mate and Mier to fuel #dascamp’s spirits

You’ve made it through the rain and heated debates over the weekend #dascamp.  Now it’s time to enjoy the sun and celebrate the weekend’s learnings.  Find @oinfiltrado23 for a mate, or if you are in the mood for something cooler there is the new light Mier Hell 6.0 for sale at the bar or the last of the dark Mier 4.0 (for the old P1r4t3 C4v3 M13r fans).

Sorry that maze leading from the QR code does not live up to expectations in terms of design or ease to navigate through; we’re working on it.  Mier propagates liquid democracy in the form of a bottle.  We aim to be transparent and an open collective to create the ultimate Mier loaded with Theobromine, and welcome all who would like to join in on this adventure.

We look forward to your feedback  ‘Wie schmeckt Mi(e)r #dascamp’.

Thanks to the Hedy Lammar Crew for making this happen!

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