Call For Designers – New Mier poster for a box of Mier

Give Mier Berlin

We’re mate hackers, not web / poster designers, but we know there are some of you out there amongst our Mier drinking public.  So, we’d like to offer you a box of Mier in exchange for designing a new poster / Aufstelle (what’s the English word for that?) highlighting the energizing, good mood-inducing spirit of Mier to position it as the cool beer with that Berliner edge and kick of Mate.

The pasteurized Mier will soon be ready and we have a chance to blanket Berlin’s party scene with Mier, but we need the right means to get the message across.  So if you have more designing skills than us, and think you can get Mier’s message across(in German and perhaps English as well), drop us a line and we’ll give you a box of Mier to get into the spirit.

It is up to the designer to drink and feel if the kick comes from the Meta Mate, from the Theobromine goddess, or from the awakeness o.0, transparent sustainable business concept, or whatever inspiration

Below is some of the old promotional material and the new Brasilian label.  For now the German labels remain the same (in the future we will eventually change them)

Wishes?  Something that incorporates Mier into Berlin….the cool, underground cult scene, the bear,  a ferhnseherturm (alex) as the I for the Mier? Whatever you do we will print it :-)

Meta greetings



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