Mate Bier ist Hier!

Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 17.31.27After a long dry spell, Mier has reappeared in Berlin in it’s latest incarnation.  Unverhopft’s Mate Bier  allows first time drinkers to have the surprise element, characteristic of Mier – it does not taste like any of the former versions.

However, this Mate Bier, appeals to a broader spectrum of drinkers as the Mate notes are subtle.

Brewed in a traditional brewery following the Deutschen Reinheitsgebot, Mate Bier, is a traditional Pilsner Beer with an aromatic Mate flavour reminiscent of the Roasted Meta Mate 42  

Currently, this Mate Bier is only available in 2 locations in Prenzlauer Berg, @MetaMateBerlin & Zum Starken August.  However, if you are wishing to purchase a bottle to try, you may order online.

The Men behind the Mier, from old to new...

The magical Mate Bier potion.

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Mier Be(er) Mate

IMG_2702Following a 6 month Miercalypse we are thrilled to announce the comeback of Mier. Be(er) Mate will be presented in 3 incarnations on Sat. May 16th at GetrankeFeineKost in Berlin.

IMG_2704Fabricio from Meta Mate will be present to answer any questions about Mier and share his Mate, and our CZ partners, the Bizon Brewery will try their best to be there as well and we will definately have some of Screen Shot 2015-05-09 at 11.32.52their specialities that have already won some fans in Berlin.


We took the opportunity that Jeronimo, Mier patron from Brasil was in town to drivedown to the source of Beer, Pilsen, this labor day weekend and visit our partners, the Bizon Brewery who recently launched their reincarnation of Mier as  The delicately decorated bottles complement the complex nuances of their craft brew combined with the smokey notes of META MATE

We were delighted to finally meet the creative czech brewers who were inspired by Mier’s CC-NC-3.0SA license. It was a pleasure to drink some good mates and great Mi/Be(er)s with them. The Bizonas pride themselves in following brewing tradition and offering strictly unpasturized beer. Their beers might just be the best kept secret in Berlin as the up and coming brewery, still unknown in the craft brew scene has some satisfying brews.


IMG_2712IMG_2711Berliners –  stop by Meta Mate or GeFeKo to try and choose your favourite Mate  from the Lager, Ale and Wheat Miers.



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Mier auf Deutsche

Mier (Bier)

Mier ist eine mit Blättern vom Mate-Strauch gebraute Biersorte. Es wird hergestellt mitWasser,GerstenmalzHopfendoldenMateblättern und Hefe. Mier ist außerdem die einzige unter Creative-Commons-Lizenz stehende Biermarke; auch die Brauverfahren für die mittlerweile 16 unterschiedlichen Mier-Varianten

stehen unter cc-Lizenz. Entstanden ist das erste Mier auf Wunsch des Halb-Brasilianers und Wahlberliners

Fabrício Martins do Canto, dem Inhaber der Meta Mate Barund Mitglied der Piraten in Berlin; gebraut wurde das erste Mier von Braumeister Thorsten Schoppe im Brauhaus Südstern in Berlin-Neukölln.[1][2][3]

Da ein in Deutschland gebrautes Mate-Bier nicht Mate-Bier heißen darf, wenn es innerhalb Deutschlands, aber außerhalb der Brauerei verkauft wird, wurde das Kunstwort Mier erfunden. Von den drei derzeit in Deutschland im Bierfachhandel erhältlichen Mieren betrifft dies eigentlich nur das Mier von Schoppe-Bräu. Die Variante, die im Auftrag eines Hamburger Bierverlages in Belgien gebraut wird, könnte in Deutschland auch als Mate-Bier vermarktet werden; ebenso das in Bayern gebraute Mier, das formell als Teemischgetränk deklariert wird. Mittlerweile gibt es Mierhersteller auch in Belgien, Brasilien und Tschechien, die jeweils auch ihre Miervarianten unter cc-Lizenz brauen.[4]


  1.  André Tucic: Mate-Bier aus Berlin: Das Spiel mit dem Kult. In: Berliner Zeitung.13. März 2012, abgerufen am 29. März 2014.
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CC-NC-SA 3-0

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collection copy

Mier wars…..we hope that Mier fans had the chance to enjoy their Mier this summer, because we’re out of Mier and will probably be out for a while now.

Due to certain regulations and permits that need to be granted ,we are unable to brew Mier in Berlin until the product ‘Mier’ is registered as an official food if we are brewing our mate and beer together.  However, it would be possible to sell Mier as a mixed drink of Mate & beer.

We are currently looking into alternative solutions and will keep you updated, but for now…..

Enjoy your mates…or brew your own mier

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Karnaval mit Mier

cartaz_festabrasil2 festadoAs the summer mood hits the city,we are gearing up to ride on the Brasilian wave and energize Berlin’s summer football fever with some of our special theobromine-filled brew.

We will be participating in some summer parties this month around Berlin with Mier, or come by and pick up a box and celebrate the football festivities Brasilian style with your favourite Mates.

Mier’s summer look: A special thanks to fRed (@frandom74) who lent his hand to the design of this edition of Mier.

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Mier’s Festive look…..

mier_worldcup_5_curvasWe are gearing up for this summer’s Brasilian festivities with Mier’s ‘new look!’   More news in the weeks to come, at the moment talks are underway in Brasil to brew Mier officially as a way of promoting modern mate culture.

In Berlin we are on the look out for partners who can support us in the distribution / management of Mier.

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Mier in the Gaucho Capital….

Mier, Politics, Mate, Pirates, tasting and talking : March 10th @ Porto Alegre, Brasilmierpoa

We are delighted to join Sady Homrich and Juliana Correa for an evening of Mier and politics at Extra Malte’s monthly happy hour in Porto Alegre on Monday, March 10, 2013.  Guests will have the chance to taste some of Brasil’s finest Mier, brewed locally and talk about our experiences with a creative commons drink and the sub-political culture in Berlin.

Extra Malte promotes monthly events to valorize the Brasilian Beer Culture.  More information about the event in Portuguese including reservations can be found here

For those who were not there:

pirate extramaltemier



CapaExtra-malte › Cerveja e política ›


Cerveja e política

Sady Homrich,Juliana Corrêa

O Extra-malte de março coloca a liberdade e a política em pauta. O convidado especial será o gaúcho radicado na Alemanha, Fabricio do Canto, criador da Meta Mate, em Berlim, e da Mier, uma cerveja de erva mate que é a primeira cerveja com receita em licença Creative Commons, quando qualquer um pode produzir e mudar a cerveja. Fabricio vive em Berlim e foi candidato ao Parlamento Alemão nas eleições de 2013 pelo Partido Pirata, considerado o terceiro mais popular da Alemanha, que tem como palavra-chave a transparência nas ações políticas.
Gastronomia da chef Juliana Corrêa.


BAMBERG FRANCONIAN RHAPSODY – 5%abv – uma helles com malte defumado, lançamento de Votorantim, SP
Salada de folhas coloridas, aspargos frescos, figos frescos, presunto Parma e  molho de gorgonzola

MIER – 5,3%abv –  cerveja com erva-mate produzida na Escola da Cerveja, Porto Alegre
Aligot, purê de batatas com queijo gruyère servido com cubos de filé mignon ao molho de vinho do Porto e crocante de alho-porro

POLIMANGO DIPA – 9%abv – colaborativa entre a sueca Omnipollo e a Tupiniquim, de Porto Alegre
Tartelete de cacau com doce de leite e morango com raspas de chocolate belga

Promovido pelo StudioClio em parceria da Cerveja Coruja e de Sady Homrich, o Extra-malte valoriza a cultura cervejeira todas as segundas segundas-feiras de cada mês, às 20h.


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Mier 16.0

Mier 16.0 is unlike any other Mier that has been brewn before.  Upon first glance it resembles the earlier Pirate Cave incarnations, BUT there is a difference – this time instead of using green Mate, we decided to use roasted Mate.

Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 18.18.34Thanks to Club Mate, the ‘Mate Geschmack’ that most Berliners expect when they drink a Mate is a roasted Mate, and Zen monk Seigaku was kind enough to roast our Mate in the same manner that he learned to roast tea in the Monastaries in Japan.

The photo on the right shows the difference between the last Berliner Mier 15.0  (in background) and the latest Mier 16.0.  We will keep the same butterfly EHSM labels for the moment, to in typical Mier fashion surprise drinkers!

Mier 16.0 combines the magic touch of a zen monk’s roasted mate w/ Schoppe’s  malty brew and is an ode to the Löscher Brewery who were the first to bring Mate to the masses in Berlin.

Our Brew master Thorsten has something to be really proud about with this Mier, not only does this chocolately Mier show the high quality of his darker beers, but it is an affirmation of his skills to create new brewers as it also has the magic touch from his apprentice, Daryl.

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Mier…official endorsement….

Mier-ehsmWith Mier 15.0 we have taken the CC License to a new level.  Inspired by the Czech Mier label, we adapted this to our Berliner usage and ‘sold ourselves out’ to advertisement by making a special promotion for the EHSM coming up this summer in Hamburg, an event that, like Mier finds its roots in the Pirate Cave.

The EHSM in December 2012 showed us that hackers are ready for drinking in a politically correct way with mass consumption of Mier and Premium Cola.

In early 2014 we anticipate some changes in the Mier recipe, while the current mixed Berliner Mier seems a bit watered down in comparison to the original P1r4t3 C4v3 M13r

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Berliner Mier takes CC to a new level…

Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 11.10.58

This time around, we’re reversing the CC license concept with Mier.  The Bison Bewery in Czech Republic  brewed an excellent Mier and we loved their label design.



The new Berliner Mier 15.0 design has been inspired by Mier 14.0, with the same motif.  This Mier is still a mixed Mate and Bier, but the Mate has been cooked for a longer time and the Mier has a reddish color.

We plan to offer this Mier in unpasturized and plopp bottle versions this winter in Berlin.

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